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Live Stage Show!

We'll have an exclusive after-hours live concert & comedy show featuring the legendary Creed Bratton and others! VIP seating will be available, this is one show you won't wanna miss!

Giant Inflatable Poor Richard's Pub!

Step inside our own version of the iconic pub & pick up some sweet Dunder Con Exclusive merchandise! Don't worry, there will be an actual bar nearby too where you can grab some signature drinks before taking a tour of all Dunder Con has to offer!

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Welcome to Dunder Con

"We'd like to see you in our office!"

It may not be a real building, but the memories you make here will last at least 9,986,000 minutes! Be sure to stop by, who knows what will be going down inside, maybe even a disco cafe perhaps??

Beach Games Themed Hot Dog Eating Contest!

"Eat it, dip it in the water!"

Hosted by legendary You-Tube sensation & competitive eating icon L.A. Beast! We'll see who gets to be the manager of Dunder Con™ 2022! Don't get too excited though, it doesn't come with a Sebring...

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It's Beach Day!!!

A summertime con calls for some summertime fun at Dunder Con™! Battle it out with iconic sumo suits, challenge your friends at giant connect 4 or cornhole! The only thing you won't be doing is taking notes...unless you really want to...

Q & A Panels / Interviews

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of your favorite show & characters by checking out our live panels & interviews! You can even submit your own question to ask the stars!

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2 Way Petting Zoo

"You love the animals, they love you back!"

Take a break from the convention excitement by playing with some adoption ready puppies & kittens! Maybe take one it Ruby or Henrietta...anything can happen at Dunder Con™!

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Dundie Awards

and the Dundie goes to...

Witness a LIVE Dundie Award celebration! We've got more seating than Chili's, and no drink minimum...just don't get drunker than Meredith!

Scott's Tots 2.0

"Let's finish what Michael started!

Our Mission: Let's finish what Michael started! We will accept donations and together we'll donate all the money to help pay the college tuition of one lucky student!

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More Events and Information are being added constantly, so check back often!

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